Richard Gasparro

Richard Gasparro

Richard was born and raised in NYC, the creative capital of the world, he is sureIy a creature of this city. He received his formal training in Photography, Fashion & Styling from the Fashion Institute of Technology. With over two decades of experience working with the creative, editorial and business departments of a global magazine. He brings a wealth of knowledge and isight to his assignments and clients. 

When he's not shooting, he enjoys spending time with his Son and family.  He also enjoys spending his spare time with most outside activities.

"A great photograph should not only be visually appealing, but should also capture the essence of the person being photographed and authentically tell his or her story. I believe that it is equally important to understand the person standing in front of me as it is to understand the equipment I am using. I pride myself on my ability to see and capture the unique qualities of each person that I photograph." 

"I work to establish a solid relationship with all parties involved in a project, and have a full understanding of the goals of all involved. Whether it’s a business professional, actor or someone’s child – it is my priority to understand the desired end result of the shoot before I take the first photo."

- RIchard